Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

We at Osborne Nursery School
promote equality of diversity and we show this by respecting and learning from
each other.

The following code of conduct applies to all our
families, children and staff:

We are kind and friendly

We keep ourselves safe and take care of others

We are sensible and helpful


Positive Behaviour Management

1. We emphasise the positive behaviour we see

  • You get more of the behaviour you pay attention to. E.g. “Thank you for sitting sensibly with your legs crossed.”

2. We give positive instructions to the children

  • This emphasises what we want the children to do. E.g. “Take your coats off and sit down on the carpet” rather than “Stop running about”

3. We ensure that all staff are consistent in their behaviour management

  • We all follow the above code of conduct at all times

4. We look at our environment and routines regularly to see if changes we could make could impact positively on the children’s behaviour

  • E.g. we changed the layout of a room to prevent children running through the nursery