Federation of Osborne and Featherstone Nursery Schools

From 01/09/2023 Osborne Nursery School and Featherstone Nursery School became a federation.

When two or more schools work together under a single Governing Board, this is called a federation. This single Governing Board can share resources and expertise across the schools and work to raise standards and improve teaching and leadership of both schools.

The vision for our Federation is for two distinct schools, each with their own unique character, working together to ensure the best possible outcomes for all our pupils.

Our federation has:

  • A single, shared vision and ethos;
  • A single Governing Board responsible for governance and staffing in both schools;
  • One Leadership Team of a Head Teacher and a Deputy Head Teacher working across the two schools;
  • Some staff working across the two schools e.g. Special Needs Co-ordinator, Admin Assistant;
  • Shared staff training and development;
  • Expertise and resources shared across the two schools;
  • Shared policies and procedures.