When your child starts nursery

Your child’s first week

The staff are very aware of the anxieties that parents and children can experience during the early days at nursery school, so please feel free to discuss any concerns you have, or any problems which arise so that we can deal with them as soon as possible. 

We believe that a calm and happy introduction to nursery is vital to ensure your child is settled and has positive feelings about starting. The early days in nursery form a big impression in your child’s mind and we need to ensure that they are right impressions, so the settling in period happens at a pace to suit your child.

Children start nursery in small groups at the start of a term.  Parents are expected to be available in school for the first few days to help the children to settle in happily.  Even if a child has previously been in another setting they still have new people and a new environment to become familiar with.  The time they spend at nursery is gradually extended until they attend for their full session. 

On arriving at nursery school please encourage your child to hang up their own coat on their peg and take them into the class to be greeted by the staff to ensure that each child is handed over to staff safely. Once your child is settled you will hand your child over to a member of staff at an external door.

Your child will be allocated a place in a key worker group which will have no more than 13 children in it. (2 year olds will be in a smaller group of about 6 children.) You will drop off and pick up your child from their keyworker each day and they will be the adult at nursery that your child will get to know first.

What do they need to wear?

We do not have a school uniform. Please send your child in clothes they can try to manage themselves such as elasticated trousers and velcro shoes or trainers. Try to avoid difficult items such as belts and laces, so your child can learn to be as independent as possible. Please also ensure that clothes have your child’s name in them especially coats, hats and jumpers.

Children can play outside at nursery every day and in all weathers. Can you therefore please ensure they come with suitable footwear and clothes for the weather, such as a rain coat or sun hat.

Your child will be using paint, glue, clay, sand etc. on a daily basis, so please do not dress him/her in their best clothes!

What do they need to bring?

Please can your child bring a bag with a complete change of clothes in it to nursery every day, so we can change them if they become wet or dirty.

If your child is still in nappies please also put enough nappies for the day, wipes and nappy sacks in their bag.